Group Treatment

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

Amy Welsh, LSCW-Certified CPT Therapist

Emily Ott, CSWA-CPT Therapist

This group will use cognitive skills to understand and change the negative thoughts you have had since the traumatic event. We will teach you new ways of processing and coping with the trauma. During this group, you will NOT be discussing the details of your trauma. This treatment focuses on exploring and challenging the beliefs that were made during and after the trauma in order to “make sense” of it.

Please reach out for a brief initial screening and to attend an intake session prior to starting the group. 

You may call us at 503-433-6016 or email at to start the next steps

If you are a current group member, please use this link to access the handouts and worksheets.

CPT group - Fall 2023.pdf

Yoga for Mental Health

This group is currently on hold, but we are excited to be bringing it back in Spring 2024

Yoga for mental health is group to support those individuals who are working in counseling to address trauma, depression, and anxiety. This group is a practice of gentle movement and breath work with the goal of integrating the whole self into the healing process.