Privacy Practices and Office Policies

At Birchwood Counseling, LLC we take our privacy and legal obligations seriously. As a health care group, we abide by federal and state rules, as well as our profession's ethical guidelines for billing, privacy, and protection of your health care information. Please read more about our policies and practices below.

Linked above is the required disclosure if you are seeking treatment with us as out of network or out of pocket providers. This is a summary of your rights under state and federal laws. Please see the fee agreement for an up to date list of our fees and charges. If you choose to work with us as out of network or out of pocket providers, we will provide you with a "good faith estimate" at the start of treatment that outlines our estimation of total treatment costs. 

License Verification

As required, we post proof of our current license to practice in our office, but as some of our clients meet us only via via telehealth, we are providing a link to license verification websites maintained by each state where we provide care. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 



Code of Ethics

All of our providers practice under the Code of Ethics of their respective professional groups: