Cat Bice, LCSW (she/her)

My work includes includes individual and couples sessions with a focus on the treatment of trauma related symptoms and PTSD. 

Typically my clients reach out to me because of feelings of sadness, worry, and disconnection in important relationships. My clients are often people who describe themselves as being “do-ers”, goal oriented people who have difficulty slowing down to understand their internal world and why they do what they do. Many of my clients are medical professionals, first responders, and veterans who have worked hard to train themselves to manage their emotional reactions because of the need to focus and perform in their work setting. This skill of sidelining emotions becomes a double edged sword that can lead to professional recognition, but can reinforce patterns sparked by the traumatic experiences. 

I have come to understand that for many people, the lasting impact of traumatic experiences, whether from childhood, adulthood, or within their occupational roles, can be a key factor in the way they feel in the present. Although we often tell ourselves that we should be "over it" or "I was just doing my job", the experiences of trauma can significantly impact how we feel and engage in our important relationships.

Treatment Approaches That I Use:

About Me

I have a warm, open style with room for humor. I tend towards a straightforward approach and have been called direct, but my directness comes from a place of transparency, with compassion and deep respect for how hard it can be to show up to the therapeutic process. 

I show up energetically in my practice, embracing a diversity of clients and their relationships. I volunteer time to support training for EFT that ensures quality care for queer, trans, and non-monogamous relationships.


2000 Masters Degree in Social Work

University of Maryland at Baltimore


Oregon License # L3689

Washington License #LW00008164